By-Laws and Policies (revised 2001 ~ 2015)

 For Mace Meadow Women’s Golf Club













The name of this organization shall be:




The purpose of this club shall be to promote, supervise and conduct competitive golf for women golfers in accordance with the rules of golf adopted by the USGA and modified by local rules decided upon by the executive board.  This club shall be a non-profit organization.



Any woman (*minimum age 18) of good character and desirous to play 18 holes of golf shall be eligible for membership in this club as set forth in Club Membership Requirements of the club.  No eligible person shall be denied membership because of race, creed, color, national origin, political belief, or economic status.


Membership shall consist of the following categories: 

* Full Member

* Associate Members - non-voting

* Inactive Member - non-voting

* Honorary Member

* Multi-Member

* Junior Member


Full Member

*  plays 18 holes of golf, and may participate in all activities of the Club and are offered WGANC (Northern) playing opportunities if stated qualifications for participation is met.

*  pays full dues and GHIN fees ($65.00 for 2015).

*  18-hole players who no longer can physically play holes and hold full membership status may play 9 holes with our group but will not be eligible for sweeps or tournaments when only playing 9 holes.

Associate Member

*  shall have previously held full membership in the Club for at least 3 years.

*  shall be entitled to play 18 holes of golf with the Club on Thursday play days and may play in the annual invitational event each year.

*  will not be eligible to enter sweeps, ringer or other competitions within the Club.

*  will not be eligible to participate in any major or minor tournaments or special events of the Club.

*  will not be eligible to participate in Northern open days, tournaments or events.

*  may participate in all Club social activities.

*  must maintain an 18 hole handicap through the Club.

*  dues shall be one half regular membership dues plus the GHIN handicapping fee ($47.50 for 2015).

*  if a member is desirous of changing her membership status, she shall inform the Board annually, no later than December 15, which category she wishes to participate in for the upcoming year.

Inactive Member

*  shall have previously held full membership in the Club for at least 3 years.

*  will not be eligible to enter sweeps, ringer, special events, tournaments or other competitions within the Club.

*  will not be eligible to participate in any major or minor tournaments or special events of the Club.

*  will not be eligible to participate in Northern open days, tournaments or events.

*  will not have an 18 hole handicap through the Club.

*  will be entitled to play 18 holes of golf with the club.

*  may participate in all Club Social activities.

*  dues shall be one-half regular membership dues ($17.50 for 2015)

*  if a member is desirous of changing her membership status, she shall inform the Board annually, no later than December 15, which category she wishes to participate in for the coming year.


Honorary Member

*  an honor bestowed upon a former or current member for her 10 years or more membership and contribution to MMWGC.

*  shall be nominated by an active member and voted upon by the Board of Directors.

*  shall pay no dues to MMWGC but shall be responsible for her GHIN handicapping fee, dependent upon her respective Club membership category.

*  shall choose  the membership categories in which she wishes to participate with MMWGC no later than December 15.


Multi-Member - A - B:

*  a multi-member is one who belongs to more than one 18-hole golf club associated with WGANC (Northern).
If a multi-member chooses to have MMWGC as her home Club she must pay her full annual dues and GHIN handicapping fee through MMWGC.

*  a member who belongs to 2 or more separate golf associations is not deemed a multi-member and must pay full membership dues and GHIN handicapping fees to MMWGC to be considered a member of MMWGC.


Adopted Junior Member

*  must be less than 18 years of age. (*)

*  must meet Club membership index requirements             

*  shall be entitled to play 18 holes of golf with the Club on Thursday play days, however, will not be able to enter sweeps, ringer, special events, or any major or minor tournaments within the Club.

*  shall be eligible to participate in Northern Association Open Days, tournaments or events.

*  youth is to be selected and approved y the MMWGC Board of Directors for participation with our Club for a period of one year, to be renewed annually at the board's discretion.

*  board of directors will appoint a full Club member to coordinate youth's participation with the Club.

*  shall not pay dues or GHIN handicapping fee.

Dues shall be subject to annual review and possible revision and shall be payable on or before the 15th day of December and shall be delinquent as of the 16th day of December.  A $2.00 late charge will apply after December 15th.  Any member may be reinstated, as long as they have an active GHIN number, upon payment of current dues and the penalty for lateness.

GHIN Service for Non-MMWGC Members

*  No membership in MMWGC is required to ask for the GHIN service provided by MMWGC. The charge will be the cost of the GHIN service plus a service fee. Beginning in 2010, the cost is $30.00 for GHIN plus a service free of $5.00 payable to Mace Meadow Women’s Golf Club.


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* The government of this club shall be vested in the Board of Directors, consisting of Captain, Co-Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Handicap/Membership, Social, Rules, Tournament, Invitational, Sweepstakes, WGANC Representative and Ambassador.


* Officers, to be eligible for election, must have been a member of the club on or before the previous January 1.


* Term of office shall be one year.  No officer may serve more than two successive years in the same office.


* Only members whose status is full and in good standing shall be able to vote.


* The Board of Directors shall transact all business of the club.  A quorum shall consist of seven (7) board members.   The decisions of the Board of Directors shall be final in any and all cases not covered by the by-laws. If any office becomes vacant, the remaining Board of Directors, though less than a quorum, may appoint the successor or successors, who shall hold office for the un-expired term or terms.  If any Board member is absent for three consecutive meetings without cause and without providing a substitute, the Board shall have the option of replacing that member.


* The nominating committee shall consist of three members including the immediate Past Captain as Chairman, who shall choose the other two members.


* Nominating Committee


* The nominating committee shall post a slate of officers in September.

* Election shall be held in October.  Nominations from the floor will also be accepted, providing the nominees are present and have given their consent.  Election shall be by ballot.  If there is no opposition to the slate, the Captain may instruct the Secretary to call for a unanimous vote for the slate of nominees.  Voting by proxy shall not be permitted.


* The Board of Directors shall be installed at the December meeting and shall assume their duties on January 1.


* The club shall not set up any sum of money as a sinking fund


* The Captain shall be exempt from club dues, but will be responsible for her own WGANC dues.


* The hole-in-one fund shall be dispersed in principal only.


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* The Board of Directors shall meet the third Thursday of each month, following play, unless otherwise specified.


* An open meeting of all members shall be held the fourth Thursday of each month following play, at a place specified by the Social Chairman, unless otherwise specified.


* Special meeting of the Board of Directors may be called at any time by the Captain, and may be called at any time on the written request of seven (7) board members or ten (10) members, filed with the secretary and briefly stating the purpose of the call.


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* shall preside at all meetings of the club and of the Board of Directors and shall supervise generally all affairs of the club.

* shall appoint all committee chairman except the nominating committee.

* may speak on any issue by asking someone else to preside at the meeting while she takes the floor.

* shall see that all by-laws and such rules and regulations as  may be adopted by the Club are strictly enforced.

* shall vote only in case of ties and will then cast the deciding vote.



* shall preside at all meeting in the absence of the Captain.  She shall have the same responsibilities as the Captain and act in that capacity until the Captain returns to duty.

* shall collect news clipping, pictures and items of interest and maintain a scrapbook for the benefit of the history of the club.

* shall be responsible for assigning sponsors to each new Club  member.

* be in charge of the Past Captain's Tournament.

* be a member of the WGANC committee.



* shall keep full and complete minutes of all meetings of the members and Board of Directors.

* shall handle all correspondence of the Club.

* shall discuss with the Board of Directors correct addresses, telephone numbers and emergency names and numbers.



* shall receive and deposit all annual dues and monies of the Club in the Club's name in such banks as may be designated by the Board of Directors.

* shall make monthly reports to the Board of Directors showing the financial condition of  the club, the appropriations made for each activity and the unencumbered balance thereof.

* shall render a written annual report to the membership at the December meeting and shall have her books audited at the discretion of the Board of Directors at the end of the calendar year

* shall collect Hole-In-One insurance from new members if they wish to participate; shall also collect from all members wishing to participate after the Hole-In-One insurance fund is depleted due to a payoff.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

* Disbursements shall be made by check with two authorized signatures:  Treasurer and Captain, Co-Captain or Secretary.



* shall have and perform the powers and duties herein prescribed for the Co-Captain in the event of her absence or inability to act.

* shall be responsible for recruiting new members, checking their qualifications, collecting initial dues and transmitting to Treasurer and acquainting new members with the Club.

* shall check members over an annual period prior to a Major Tournament for number of games played to qualify for Major Tournaments.

* shall accept scorecards for potential new members, assign GHIN numbers when required and figure temporary handicaps.

* shall acquaint members with handicapping rules and preparations of scorecards.

* shall, along with the Rules Chairperson, make the decision as to whether  our club should post our scores during inclement  weather.  This decision will be made on a week by week basis and shall be posted on our bulletin board.

*  Shall award Most Improved Player gift at the Awards luncheon in December.


* shall, with her committee, rule on all questions that arise.

* should acquaint members with rules of play.  USGA and local rules apply.

* shall, along with the handicap chairperson, make the decision as to whether our club should post our scores during inclement weather.  This decision will be made on a week by week basis and shall be posted on our bulletin board.



* shall organize and conduct the Spring, Presidents Cup, Club Championship, Ham and Turkey Shoot.

* shall discuss with the Board of Directors the tournament costs involved and prizes to be awarded.

* shall handle all news releases for above tournaments.

* the tournament chairman shall appoint a committee to assist if needed.

* shall award prizes as money on account from the Pro-Shop for the Spring, Presidents Cup, and Club Championship



* shall supervise weekly sweepstakes competition.  Medal  Play, Ace and Putter.

* shall post events at least two (2) weeks in advance, post weekly winners, and post all events with the local media.

* shall present the Ace and Putter of the year and Medal Play awards at the Christmas lunch.



* shall select the committee necessary to assist in the planning and execution of those plans for the Invitational Tournament.

* shall discuss and receive approval from the Board of Directors, plans for the tournament as they develop. Included will be a discussion of proposed fees, prizes, dates, theme, and other items that may be of interest to the Board.

* shall forward all funds received and bills to be paid to the Club Treasurer for action and record keeping.

* shall develop a budget for tournament expenses.

* shall prepare a final report of tournament outcome, which reflects the budget, an analysis of program success and recommendations for the next year.

* shall award prizes as gift certificates from the Pro-Shop.



* shall be responsible for planning all monthly meeting dates, arranging the luncheons and special tournament celebrations and may appoint committee members to assist as needed.

* shall be official hostess at all social functions.



* shall represent the Club at WGANC regional meetings deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

* shall announce all pertinent information at the general meetings and post all WGANC tournament bulletins.

* shall be responsible for sending in Open Day player lists and notifying members if they are not accepted.



* shall act as chairman of the nominating committee and choose the two remaining members of the nominating committee.  She shall post the committee's slate of officers at the September general meeting.

* shall be responsible for selecting and presenting a gift of appreciation to the Captain at the final meeting in December.

* is in charge of the installation ceremony held at the final meeting in December.

* shall not be required to attend Board meetings unless specifically asked to do so.  She shall have no voting privileges but will act in an advisory capacity to the Captain and her Board.


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An audit committee is to be appointed by the Captain to look over the Treasurer's books at the end of the calendar year. The committee shall be comprised of past Treasurer and two (2) members from the general membership.



The handicap committee shall determine that improving the lie of the ball in a specific way would promote fair play or help protect the course, i.e., preferred lies (winter rules).  Handicap Committee shall consist of the Handicap Chairman, Rules Chairman, Captain and others, if needed.



The rules committee shall rule on all questions that arise concerning rules.  Rules Committee shall consist of the Rules Chairman, Handicap Chairman, Co-Captain, plus others, if needed.


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* These By-laws may be amended at any time deemed necessary by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors, subject to ratification by a majority vote of the membership at a regular monthly meeting.


* In all cases not otherwise provided for herein, Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the club.


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Player shall tee off in an uninterrupted consecutive order, and starting at the designated times as laid down by the committee in order to participate on any play days.  (8-17-2006)(12-2006) (USGA Rule #33 - The committee 33-1:  Conditions; Waiving Rules:  The Committee shall lay down the conditions under which a competition is to be played.  The Committee has no power to waive a Rule of Golf).



Annual Club dues for MMWGC are $35.00 plus WGANC dues of $30.00 (Board Meeting Oct 24, 2013).


* The deadline for sweeps signup is Monday 5 PM before the Thurs. play day.

* Players must arrive 30 minutes before tee time.

* Sweeps entry fee is $3.00.

* Ace and putter entry fee is $5.00 ($3.00 for sweeps and $2.00 for ace and putter). (Board meeting October 18, 2012)

* A full member who wishes to play golf on a regular scheduled Playday must participate in Sweeps. Should a member withdraw from Sweeps, the member will also be withdrawing from Chip-In, Birdie, Eagle, Ringer and/or Closest to the Pin Contests. (Board meeting September 19, 2014)



8 games are required to be played with MMWGC group on Thursdays, during the twelve (12) month period prior to Major Tournament.  (All three (3) days of a three (3) day tournament and the Thursday play day that Team Play members play at Mace Meadow representing MMWGC and the odd day of play for Match Play are counted toward the eight (8) day requirement). (Board meeting December 3, 1998; October 2002; September 2008).  Major tournaments are President's Cup and Club Championship.  Board will consider a letter requesting exemption by a member. 


(Board meetings November 21, 1966 and August 21, 1997), (Board Meeting September 18, 2008)



All monies brought in during tournaments, special tournaments, or special events shall be spent on said event, unless event is specified as a fund raiser for a specific purpose.  (Board February 7, 2002).  Funds made from mulligan's and raffle sales may be spent by the Board of Directors for the good of MMWGC, (Board Meeting October 16, 2003).  A maximum of $1000.00 will be set aside for the next year's Invitational. (Board Meeting June 17, 2004-October 12, 2006-September 13, 2007).



Special Tournaments:  Ham Shoot “T”, Spring Tournament “T”, and Turkey Shoot “T” - these do not require the eight (8) day games policy.  (Board Meeting September 18, 2008).



Special events are the Invitational, Memorial (played in memory of our deceased members every other year), Team Play, and Match Play.  These do not require the eight (8) games prior to the event but all require a permanent 18 hole handicap and members with a 41 or over handicap must play to a 40 handicap. (Board meeting July 2000; October 2002). 


A permanent 18 hole handicap is required of guests who are invited to play in the Invitational.


Guests invited to play in Rally For A Cure may hold a 9 hole handicap.



Prize money is to be paid in gift certificates to the Pro-Shop for our Invitational and all major tournaments. (Board meeting July 22, 2010.)


All participants in our annual Invitational will pay the same green fees and cart fees to the Pro-Shop without consideration to previously paid green fees and cart fees. (Board meeting Oct. 14, 2010.)


Cards are to be sent to members who have suffered the loss of a child.  In the death of the spouse of a member or the death of a member a donation of $20.00 may be made to a charity of choice designated by the survivor.  Budget allowance will be raised to $100.00.  (Board meetings May 21, 1987; October 21, 1993 and general meeting March 28, 1996)(Board meeting April 17, 2008).



Hole-In-One participation is optional.  Fees are payable to the Treasurer if a member wishes to participate. The Hole-In-One Fund was frozen for 2014 and 2015 with no additional funds collected. (Oct 24, 2013 Board Meeting)


If new members wish to participate in the Hole-In-One Fund, it is payable at the time your dues are paid. (total $2.00)


A $100 check will be issued to any currently paid up member who makes a hole-in-one on a Thursday play day; or any other day of the week that is part of a multi-day sanctioned club event (i.e., Monday of Club Championship Tournament, etc.) at Mace Meadow Golf Course during a regulation 18 hole round.  (Not valid on any hole which has a temporary green, tee, or hole.)


Funds are intended for use to help defray any or all celebratory bar charges at the Mace Meadow Lounge.


A signed and attested scorecard must be presented to the Club Captain prior to the issuance of any funds under the hole-in-one provisions cited above.



MMWGC Representative to WGANC meetings will be paid for actual gas expenses and lunch.

(Board meeting November 12, 1998).


The Co-Captain will be a member of the Committee for WGANC.  (Board meeting October 15, 1998)



Most improved golfer will receive a gift or award.  The award is based on scores from January 1 through October 31 of the present year.  To be eligible the recipient must have been a participating member of MMWGC since March 1 of this year and must have played at least ten organized MMWGC events, i.e. weekly play, special events and three (3) day tournaments (each three (3) day tournament equals one (1) event).  (Board meetings November 12, 1998 and December 3, 1998)



To qualify for closest to pin, and chip-in awards, golfer must play in Sweeps with the field and must finish 18 holes.  If no winners in the chip-in and/or closest to the pin contests, money will be held over to the next week.  Closest to pin holes will alternate between #2 and #4 holes weekly. (Board meeting December 3, 1998).


Players with a 40.4 index or above, using the prevailing slope at Mace Meadow, may use their full handicap and play in an over 40 flight on regular play days.  To play in major tournaments and special event tournaments, all members with a 41 handicap or above must play to a 40 handicap. (Board meeting October 31, 1996).



Budget item of $100.00 to be allotted for payment of Ace and Putter of the Year ($50 each).  Awards are based on scores from March 1 to October 31 of the present year.  (Board meetings October 17, 1996 and June 20, 1997).



There will be no smoking during meetings or while sitting at the tables in the picnic area.  (Board meeting May 19, 1994).



Club records with the exception of the financial statements, minutes and supporting paper work, and scrapbooks may be destroyed after two (2) years. (Board meetings  September 20, 1994 and October 30, 1997).



A member will lose her amateur in WGANC for one year if she wins any prize from playing golf that amounts to $700.00 in actual cash value or value of a material prize, i.e. golf cart, clubs, trips, etc.  She will not be eligible to play in any WGANC tournaments or Open Days.  At the end of the year she is eligible to reinstate her membership as an amateur with WGANC.  MMWGC will not impose any restrictions for that member on Thursday play days.



Guest day will be any Thursday Play Day except during special events or tournaments.   A guest is anyone over 18.


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Revised 2/6/2015