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*  General Information

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General MMWGC Information

The Mace Meadow Women’s Golf Club plays 18-hole golf on Thursday mornings at the Mace Meadow Golf Club March through November.

*  The Club Calendar (Club Calendar) shows the tee time and other information about the weekly events.

*  The Sweeps and Tournament Results (Sweeps And Tournament Results) shows the recent results of play.

*  To play golf with the club as a guest, contact the Captain, CoCaptain, or Sweeps chairman (MMWGC Contact Information).

*  To join MMWGC as a member (Club Membership Requirements), contact the Captain or Membership chairman (MMWGC Contact Information).

*  MMWGC annual awards for outstanding play (MMWGC 2015 AWARDS) are presented at the event or at the annual Christmas party.

MMWGC Date of Origin

The Mace Meadow Women’s Golf Club was originated June 6, 1972.

The club is a member the Women's Golf Association of Northern California (WGANC) (known as Northern) and shall be governed by the By-laws thereof and by USGA rules, except as modified by local rules (Local Rules).  The Rules Committee shall decide all questions and disputes.


General Information

Course Rating

NCGA course raters evaluated Mace Meadow red tees during 2010. The course rating is now 71.0 with a slope of 127 for the red tees. Previously the course rating was 70.4 and the slope was 125.

Sweeps Play

The sign up sheets are posted on the Women’s Club bulletin board for several weeks in advance. You can form your own foursomes or sign up with any foursome that doesn’t already have four players. If you have a guest player, sign them up on the sheet and indicate they are your guest. Sweeps are blind draw and/or a game at the discretion of the Sweeps chair.


If you need to cancel, call the Pro Shop at 295-7020 or the Sweeps chairman (MMWGC Contact Information).


Check in at the Pro Shop to pay your golf, cart, and sweeps entry fee.

Tournament Play

The sign up sheets are posted for tournaments (Ham Shoot, Spring Tournament, President’s Cup, Club Championship, and Turkey Shoot) several weeks before the date. Before the tournament entry deadline, enter your name on the sign up sheet and put your entry fee in the Women’s Club locked box in the Pro Shop.


If you want to play golf on a tournament day but not play in the tournament, sign up on the sweeps list to follow the field.


Prizes for the tournament are awarded after play is concluded. In the case of a 3-day tournament, prizes are awarded on the last play day.


Tournaments use a maximum of 40 handicap for computing your net score.

Invitational Golf Tournament

The semiannual invitational is played on even years and draws 100 or so women golfers from all over our area and Northern California. The 2014 the theme was “Mardi Gras on the Greens” on Thursday, July 17th.

The field is limited to the first 100 players.

As an example, here is information about the Invitational and entry form for 2014 PDFicon .


All players must have a current USGA 18-hole handicap and play to a maximum index of 36.6 (40 handicap at Mace Meadow. You can enter as a team of four or we can pair individuals with other players to form a foursome.

Players from a 9-hole home team must have at least one MMWGC player in the foursome.


Score Card Procedures

Write the full name or first initial and last name of each player.  Sign,

date and have each card attested.  Place one card in the Handicap Box,

one in the Sweeps Box and one in Ringer Box (if eligible).


For the Sweeps score card:

*  Enter the gross score and number of putts for each hole

*  Enter the total score and total putts

*  Enter the net score (total minus handicap)

*  Indicate Chip In holes

*  Enter the adjusted score (total minus Equitable Stroke Control (ESC):

Course Handicap         ESC Maximum

9 or less                          Double Bogey

10 thru 19                        7

20 thru 29                        8

30 thru 39                        9

40 and over                     10


*  The deadline for sweeps signup is Tuesday 5PM before Thursday play day.

*  Players must arrive 30 minutes before tee time.

*  Sweeps entry fee is $3.00.

*  Ace and putter entry fee is $5.00 ($3.00 for sweeps and $2.00 for ace and putter). (Board meeting October 18, 2012)

Permanent Handicap

Twenty or more cards are required to have a permanent handicap.  A permanent handicap is required for all major tournaments and player must be a member of MMWGC for 60 days or more and have played on eight Thursday play days (each day of a three-day tournament counts toward the eight games) before entering a Major Tournament.

Club Members

Club member names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and personal information are available in a printed Handbook provided to all club members when they join MMWGC.

MMWGC Contact Information

For more information about playing as a guest or joining MMWGC, contact one of the following:

Captain Rhonda Oaker

[email protected]

CoCaptain Judy Arnold

[email protected]

Sweeps Chair Sharon Mee
[email protected]

Tournaments Chair Barbara Blackburn
[email protected]

Membership Chair Carol Amann
[email protected]


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The Mace Meadow Women’s Golf Club has the following annual awards:


*  PRESIDENT'S CUP:  To the member who has the lowest net on the three-day-tournament designated in the Club Calendar & Important Events Calendar.


*  RINGER:  Scores posted on organized Thursday play days.


*  CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP:  To the member who has the lowest gross score on the three-day-tournament designated in the Club Calendar & Important Events Calendar.


*  WGANC:  Medal Play award from Northern.  Based on best three games of six.


*  PAST CAPTAINS:  Low net over the field to the member who has the lowest net on Thursday play day designated in the Club Calendar & Important Events Calendar.


*  MOST IMPROVED:  To the member who lowers her handicap the most percentage points from March 1 to October 31 of the present year and has played in at least 10 organized Club events.


*  ACE & PUTTER of the YEAR:  Ace - to the member who has maintained the lowest net from March 1 to October 31 of the present year.  Putter - to the member who has maintained the lowest number of putts from March 1 to October 31 of the present year.  These awards are determined using the point system 5 to 1.


*  BIRDIES, CHIP-IN, BREAKING 100; 90; 80; 70:  Pins are given at the Christmas luncheon. Awards based on play days between March 1 and October 31 of the present year. Must complete Sweeps play to be elgible.


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Last revised: 2/5/2015